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Renovate AI


Design and renovation projects can be slow, expensive, and frustrating for homeowners and businesses. The process can be overwhelming and time-consuming, from gathering design inspiration and making multiple trips to stores to coordinating with various professionals and managing budgets. These problems can be especially pronounced for homeowners trying to complete a renovation project independently without the help of professionals.


In addition to the time and effort required to complete a design or renovation project, there are also financial considerations. The cost of hiring professionals, purchasing materials and products, and managing budgets can add up quickly, making it difficult for homeowners and businesses to achieve their desired results within their budget constraints.

Renovate AI


Renovate AI is a virtual interior design mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to quickly and easily renovate rooms, providing real-time visualization and design recommendations to help users see their space in a new way. With Renovate AI, users can customize their design and see the results instantly, all from the convenience of their phone. The app's advanced generative AI model can generate highly realistic and customizable images of renovated spaces, allowing users to see exactly what their space will look like with different design elements and finishes.

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